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The Guild offers a platform to discuss issues with policy and decision makers and key stakeholders in the UK and internationally. The Guild panels seek to identify trends and opportunities for members. It provides a voice for its member companies, representing them by raising policy issues with both UK government and global standard organisations.The Guild’s events, publications and research help to promote and grow member businesses within the pipeline industry and associated sectors. Established companies or those looking to enter, explore or expand in the pipeline industry will find Guild membership a real asset.

How to Join

We have several options for both individuals and organisations when it comes to joining the Pipeline Industries Guild. Take a look at our different Types of Membership in detail. Here you can select the appropriate membership and get in contact with us, or simply fill in one of our handy online forms available for each membership type. Below is a useful table to show the fees associated with each type of membership

Membership Fees

Membership Individual Organisation Employees Fees
Band 1 x 1 - 10 £375
Band 2 x 11- 25 £745
Band 3 x 26 - 99 £1170
Band 4 x 100 - 999 £1600
Band 5 x 1000 - 4999 £2235
Band 6 x 5000 + £2980
Individual x N/A £125
Retired x N/A £55