Northern Branch | Annual Dinner - 3rd November

Northern Branch Annual Dinner

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19th October Wales & West Branch | Insight into Project Management

3rd November Northern Branch | 54th Annual Dinner - The Principal, Manchester

14th November Eastern Branch | YPN Presentation Competition

16th November Wales & West | YPN Presentation Competition - Wessex Water

24th November Midlands Branch | 39th Annual Dinner - Alveston Manor

24th November Submission Deadline for Articles - ITP Newsletter

7th December Wales & West Branch | YP Training Day - Bath

7th December Wales & West | 47th Annual Dinner - Pump Rooms, Bath

15th December Live Date - ITP Newsletter (with Tech Feature & Q&A Live Date

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Photos from the 60th Annual Dinner are available to purchase. Please Click Here to view the photos available for purchase

The 60th Anniversary Annual Dinner edition of the Pipeline Industries Guild Newsletter "In The Pipeline" is now available to view online and download Here