Membership Explained

Being a Pipeline Industries Guild member gives you and your company/organisation, both large and small, access to an exclusive network of business leaders who are active across the pipeline industry. Membership is open to any company or organisation involved in the pipeline industry.

The Guild offers a platform to discuss issues with policy and decision makers and key stakeholders in the UK and internationally. The Guild panels seek to identify trends and opportunities for members, it provides a voice for its member companies, representing them by raising policy issues with both UK government and global standard organisations.The Guild’s events, publications and research help to promote and grow member businesses within the pipeline industry and associated sectors. Established companies or those looking to enter, explore or expand in the pipeline industry will find Guild membership a real asset.

How to Join

We have designed several options below for Membership. Choose one that best suits your needs and then get in contact with us:

Business Associate Membership

  • Perfect for small companies/organisations looking for networking, promotion and events
  • Includes the Individual Membership package for up to 5 employees plus 5 Young Professionals

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Corporate Membership

  • Perfect for medium to large companies/organisations
  • Provides a good level of commercial opportunity
  • Includes the Individual Membership package for up to 10 employees plus an additional 10 Young Professionals
  • Allows full participation in Guild activities

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Corporate Partner

  • Perfect for companies with a long-term pipeline industry commitment
  • Provides greater industry awareness through exposure and recognition
  • Projects a powerful image and conveys company status within the industry
  • Provides access to all Guild events and facilities
  • Includes the Individual Membership package for up to 50 employees plus an additional 50 Young Professionals

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Individual Membership

  • For all who are associated with the pipeline industry
  • For promotion, provides news and information
  • For commercial promotion, networking and events

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Student and Junior Membership

We also offer a free of charge Student and Junior Membership level which is aimed at persons who are 25 years of age or less on the 1st January 2016. Click here to download our Student Member Application Form.

Retired Membership

Members who have attained the age of 55 years and have retired from full time employment shall be categorised as Retired Members and are eligible to pay subscriptions at the retired members’ rate.

Academic Affiliates Membership

Designed to encourage universities and academic bodies to become involved in Guild affairs and activities, by offering a free Business Associate level membership in exchange for agreed services to be provided to the Guild. Contact Us for more information.

If you have any additional Membership queries please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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